AKS Engineering and Forestry


When Keith Behnke founded AKS Engineering and Forestry in 1996, he and his partners wanted to build a company based on quality work, client satisfaction, teamwork, and employee pride.

 These values formed the heart of the AKS culture, helping to propel the company into one of the leading infrastructure engineering firms serving public and private clients in the Pacific Northwest. Keith announced his retirement at the end of 2018. As a tribute, the company wanted to produce a video that would tell the AKS story and accomplish the following goals:

  • Highlight Keith’s founding vision for the company;

  • Introduce new employees to the company during onboarding sessions;

  • Inspire and engage existing employees and clients.

 This was the first time AKS had produced any kind of video, and here’s what we did to make sure they had a positive and successful experience:

  • We implemented a streamlined story development process that honored  our client’s goals and objectives, while allowing for plenty of client collaboration and flexibility.

  • We put employees and management at ease throughout the filming process, and especially during our on-camera interviews.  

  • We made the process enjoyable and stress-free by being easy to work with and making sure we were efficient with our client’s time, as well as our own.

 These attributes, plus our ability to pull together the ASK story by looking at the company from an outsider’s perspective, enabled us to produce a video that rang true with employees and clients alike.

 “I sent the video link to a potential job candidate who looked at it and said, I could really see myself here. This video did exactly what I wanted it to do: help explain AKS culture, and it succeeded.”—Renee Godwin, AKS Engineering and Forestry

Holly PaigeComment