Brad Kleiner: Taking the Terror out of Sales


If public speaking ranks among the scariest thing people have to do, the act of selling something to someone isn’t far behind. Just the mention of the word “sales” can cause fear and terror in otherwise successful business people. 

Brad Kleiner is on a mission to change the way people view the noble art of sales. Brad is President and CEO of Sandler Training, Grounded by Cedar Root. As a sales coach, Brad challenges business professionals to step outside their comfort zones and think differently about the sales process and their roles as sales professionals. So, when Brad decided he needed to improve the way he connected with potential clients, he stepped outside his comfort zone and hired us to produce a short film about himself and his business.

Brad wanted his film to give potential clients a glimpse of who he is and what it might be like to work with him. Like a lot of people, Brad was nervous about appearing on camera. Because building trust is such an important part of what we do, we created a comfortable atmosphere that made it easy for Brad to talk on camera about his role as a sales coach and his philosophy around sales training. Additionally, we interviewed Brad’s clients to learn about the impact Brad’s training has had on their businesses. And we filmed Brad leading his training sessions to give potential clients a taste of his style and demeanor.

The result? A human story about a kind and enthusiastic coach who helps his clients achieve their goals, whatever those goals might be.

Holly PaigeComment