Dr. Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High School, Pasadena, Texas


On the southeast side of Houston, Texas sits the small town of Pasadena. Located in the heart of the Houston ship channel, east of the top medical center in Texas and just north of NASA, Pasadena has more highly skilled, high-paying jobs available than people to fill them.

To provide students with the skills needed to successfully enter the area’s workforce after graduation, the Pasadena Independent School District wanted to build a new high school highlighting skilled technical and workforce education. The district hired the educational design team from the Texas Studio of IBI Group to design a next generation learning environment honoring the dignity of work. In 2015, the IBI team hired us to develop a video case study about their award-winning design.

The Story Behind the Story

The architects wanted their video to highlight two key themes: linking learning to life; and honoring the dignity of work. Through a series of interviews with the district team involved in the project, we created a snapshot of the district, and uncovered the passion educators had for developing a building designed to serve current, and future, needs of students. In interviews with the designers, we learned how they approached their work in designing the campus. We also interviewed students, who shared their delight in attending a school that allowed them to learn professional skills in a professional environment.

We used a variety of techniques to visualize the story, including drones to capture sweeping interior and exterior views. We also filmed in a variety of classroom settings.

The result is a story that shows how a building can bring people together and create success for all.



Holly PaigeComment