IBI Learning+


College and universities are more than buildings. They are communities of students and scholars, scientists and researchers, who come together to share knowledge and ideas that will impact the world. In response to the changing world of higher education, global architecture and engineering firm IBI Group formed Learning+, a group of thought leaders within IBI Group who work together to design next generation learning environments. 

The Learning + team wanted to produce a short film to explain their global approach to designing research labs at colleges and universities that focused on student life and well being.

What we did
Through our story discovery sessions with the Learning + team, we learned about the direct correlation between the design of a building and learning outcomes. That knowledge, coupled with IBI Group’s expertise in designing higher education communities worldwide, gives the Learning + team a wealth of best practices to share with clients. We incorporated these themes into the brand story.

We planned and produced this film concurrently with the Cardiff University Science and Innovation Campus and Cornell University’s College of Human Ecology projects. Gathering footage and interviews for three films at one time streamlined the production process, because we were able to condense filming sessions with the IBI team and key stakeholders.

The higher education chapter of the Learning + story lives on IBI Group’s YouTube channel. IBI Group shared the film through its IBI Th!ink blog. The Learning + team also shows the film at international conferences and trade shows.

Holly PaigeComment