Call Made. Life Saved: Susan G. Komen Oregon and SW Washington


Stories of impact are the bread and butter of mission-based organizations. They’re also difficult stories to tell, because the line between meaningful and maudlin is easily crossed. So, when the fundraising team at Susan G. Komen Oregon and SW Washington approached us to help them produce a video about a young woman whose life was upended by a breast cancer diagnosis, we knew we had a responsibility to tell her story and tell it right.

The Story Behind the Story

Ask someone dealing with a serious disease to define what matters to them, and they’ll likely tell you that spending time with friends and family tops the list. That was true for Heather Krom, the subject of our story. We knew the heart of this story would be found in the everyday moments shared between Heather, her partner Peter, and their two children. So before turning on our cameras, we spent time with Heather and her family. We observed the way Heather and Peter interacted with their kids, and with each other. Making people feel comfortable and confident in sharing their stories on camera is a specialty of ours, and it all starts with building trust prior to filming.

In the non-profit world, the ability to raise money hinges on telling a compelling story. And “Heather’s Story” helped Komen Oregon raise $325,000 for breast cancer education and local support services.



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