Wave One Films stories are grounded in strategy, inspired by a shared vision, and crafted with the belief that the best way to engage and inspire people is through the power of a human story.

Here’s what you can expect when we work with you:

Story Discovery and Planning
We’re eager to understand what you do, the way you approach your work, and why it matters to the people you serve. We ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening. The more we know about what makes you tick, the better we’ll be able to find the heart of the story you want to tell.

Story Production and Delivery
Your organization is full of storytellers. Our job is to make it easy for them to share their stories on camera. We do that by providing speaker coaching prior to filming, and creating a comfortable environment during filming.

After completing the interviews, we help you plan the types of film sequences we will capture. Our background as broadcast journalists serves us well here, as we are comfortable filming in all kinds of situations. Our “fly on the wall” filming style is unobtrusive and low-key, putting everyone at ease.

Editing is where the magic happens. We weave together the raw footage, selected interviews clips, licensed music and film sequences into a cohesive story. Upon final approval, we create a digital file of the story, in your preferred format. We can also help you with any “failure to launch” issues that sometimes crop up with digital video formats, because not everyone lives and breathes digital video the way we do.