It’s probably not you. More likely, it’s the story you’re telling about yourself, your business, and the important work you do for your clients. We get it: we live in a world that’s all about making instant connections. But how about making connections that are human, authentic, and real?

At Wave One Films, we specialize in producing video for businesses that need to tell their story so they can create lasting connections with their best customers.

Clients choose us when:

—They’re struggling to explain to what they do, and how they work.

—They’re worried because they aren’t able to show potential employees what makes their company great.

—They’re losing sleep because they can’t find a way to connect corporate and individual donors to their mission.

—They tried creating their own video only to abandon the project because it took so long to complete.

If the story you’re currently telling about yourself and your organization isn’t getting the results you want, let’s fix that. Our clients have important things to say. We bet you do, too.